Moulding, trim and millwork are the finishing touches that create the “wow” factor with a design statement expressing your personal style. Revive any room with new casings and headboards, or add sophistication with chair rails, window casings and decorative elements. Ask our staff to help you coordinate moulding profiles that fit your personal style and create the look of custom millwork at an off-the-shelf price.

Replacing interior and exterior doors is a quick and easy way to update your rooms or add curb appeal and enhanced security. Add sidelights to increase ambient light in your foyer. French doors and sliding doors create elegance and new zones within a house. Panelled doors provide sophistication and complete a room. New door hardware and handles are a quick, easy update that create a fresh, modern look. Steel doors, storm doors and upgraded locks enhance home security. Replacing a garage door or patio door can save energy, improve the comfort in adjacent rooms while adding style to your home. Available in wood, metal, glass or composites, LeDrew Lumber has a wide selection of quality doors to choose from.

Come see our in-store inventory, or speak with our staff about custom orders.